aquisio advisors GmbH is advising
and accompanying businesses
and entrepreneurs in strategic
financing issues.


Our focus is on situations where the
company as a whole is concerned,
either in takeover, growth or succession
phases, as well as during restructuring.

We are also active in sourcing, placing
and negotiating appropriate financing
instruments. Finally, we support institu-
tional investors in identifying, analyzing
and realizing corporate acquisitions.

In all these situations we are prepared
to invest in principle – to the extent
feasible - own funds and are willing to
take on non-executive board or super-
visory board roles.

We are interested in situations where
mezzanine capital other subordinated
financing or equity is required.

Our approach is across all sectors,
though the partners of aquisio advisors
GmbH bring the greatest depth of
experience in manufacturing and service
businesses within the DACH region.

The aim of aquisio advisors GmbH is
to serve its clients at the highest level
of professionalism and to ensure a direct,
active involvement of its experienced
partners for each mandate.

In this respect we have access to a wide
network of international associated
partners, whose knowledge and expertise
will be made available, according to the
specific needs of the project.

This network of personal and pro-
fessional contacts of our partners
represents one of the success factors
of our company.

The ongoing dialogue with important
decision makers in different industries
and service sectors, paired with the
extensive experience of our associated
partners in several senior positions,
guarantees an understanding of the
relevant issues of each mandate.

Together with our clients we will
create solutions and actively pursue
their implementation.